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We are a Maine based and privately owned company. We pride ourselves in the dedicated TEAM we have built, the products we offer, and our unmatched commitment to quality, service and integrity. Our goal is to always exceed our customer's expectations in everything we do.

We are dedicated to helping our partners grow their businesses. Pizza isn't just Pizza anymore... The difference between being good and being the best is the difference in failure and success. Customers have many choices where they are going to spend their hard earned money. When they want to eat out what makes them choose you??? We think it's the same reasons our customers choose to partner with us - Quality, Service and a Unique Product Offering!!!!

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Gourmet Frozen Pizza Dough

  • Made in Maine
  • Signature Traditional Recipe
  • Thick Pan Style Recipe



Dough Masters

 265 Rodman Rd - PO Box 2058
Auburn, ME 04211-2058