Gourmet Frozen Pizza Dough

Our white pizza dough is available in two unique recipes to better suit your style of pizza

Signature Traditional Recipe

This is our most popular type of pizza dough. It is easy to stretch, has very little snap back, and bakes and browns evenly. It has been formulated to be easily hand-tossed and baked on a screen in a deck or conveyor oven. This dough is perfect in a wood or coal fired oven as well.

Thick Pan Style Recipe

This dough is formulated to have a lighter, more bread-like texture than our other dough. It can be prepared ahead of time in oiled pans and stored in a cooler for up to 2 days. If it's baked on a screen, it will have an even fluffier appearance. It's delicious when prepared either way!

Case Counts

8 oz / 48 ct 16 oz / 25 ct 26 oz / 16 ct
10 oz / 36 ct 20 oz / 20 ct 30 oz / 14 ct
12 oz / 30 ct 22 oz / 18 ct  
14 oz / 24 ct 24 oz / 18 ct  


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